Fees Structure
Fees will be charged on a termly basis and will be only payable by monthly Standing Order/Direct Debit. You will be asked to complete your banking information to set up the monthly SO/DD part of the registration form.

Admission fees
There will be a £15 admission fee for each child payable on the registration day for new admissions only.

Course Books
Qaida, Islamic Books will be provided by the teacher/Office Admin. We will update you about the course book price accordingly.

Academic Terms
The academic year is divided into three terms (Each term is approximately four months). If, for any reason, parents want to take the child off from the Madrasah in between academic courses, the running-term fees will be applicable. The dates follow the academic terms of regular schools defined by the Ealing Council.   

Terms Fees Per Child £160 (Weekday) & £140 (Weekend)

Monthly Fees only Paid by Standing Order/Direct Debit of £40  for Weekday & £35 for Weekend per Child.

Kindly Note: All students have to pay for the cost of the class books once at the beginning of the academic year. For the Madrasah Class fees you will need to fill out the standing order / Direct Debit form online when you register your child. Payments will only be taken once your child is successfully admitted to the madrasah. It will be easy and more affordable if you set up a monthly standing order/Direct Debit and spread the cost over the year.