Course Structure

Class 1 (Boys & Girls)

Ahsan Ul-Qawa'id

An extensive study of our chosen Qa’ida which is part of the syllabus with rules and practices. Once completed, students will have a good grasp of recognising Arabic words and be able to read with correct pronunciation.

Safar Islamic Curriculum series

Safar Islamic Studies series is part of a curriculum composed of four parts, which cross-link with each other: Tajwīd, Memorisation and Arabic.

The series aims to cumulatively build children's essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good character and instil God consciousness.

Elements from all core subjects are covered in this book: Qurʾānic stories, Islamic tenets of faith (ʿaqīdah), religious rulings (fiqh) and significant episodes from the life of Prophet Muḥammad, as well as areas of personal development, in an age-appropriate manner that it is enjoyable for children as well as being comprehensive and reliable. 

Year 1: Text Book 1 and Work Book 1 

Year 2: Text Book 2 and Work Book 2

The workbooks go along with the textbook hand to hand accumulating with questions designed to encourage thought, expression and connection with the teaching material. 

Text Book and Work Book 1 of An Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series

Key topics of this part include: important facts on the five pillars of Islam, introduction to taharah, ahadith on helping others, cleanliness and speaking the truth.

Our Beloved Messenger Muhammad’s (saw) childhood & youth. The stories of Adam (as) and Nuh (as), the articles of Faith, the importance of respect and the etiquettes of eating, drinking and sleeping.

Complete with its very own workbook with differentiated activities using Bloom’s Taxonomy for an excelent interactive way of learning.

A Child's Gift

One book from Year 1 to Year 8 with all major Surahs, Ahadeeth and Duas with tracker. A Child's Gift is a beautifully illustrated book for Madrasah children, covering a wide range of authentic du'as, 40 hadiths and surah's. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the contents of this book are presented in accordance with the relevant aged children. 

Pupils Planner & Dairy

A goodway to keep 3 way communications with Teacher, Parents for Students continue progress. A spiral bound, unique planner and homework diary, specifically designed for use in Maktab/Madrasah. Serves as an excellent medium for communication with the parents and a vital progress tracker. Having lots of ‘did you know facts’ at the end of the planner makes it a revision aid too. Also includes reward charts, assessments results Suwar tracker, daily salah record, homework timetable and lots more.